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We understand that many different families and individuals from around the world are interested in adding one of our Pomsky puppies to their lives. We are happy to offer safe, secure and affordable shipment of your new puppy to you! Once purchased, we will contact you to thank you for your order & let you know which days puppies are flying out on what dates. We will book your puppy on the best possible flight & email you all the information along with a tracking number so you know exactly where your puppy is at all times! The puppies fly on DELTA Airlines V.I.P. Cargo, United Airlines Petsafe, and American Airlines Pet Specialty. We give your name & cell phone number to the airlines, so bring your I.D. & cell phone with you to the airport.

** IMPORTANT: If someone (other than you) is picking up your puppy, you will need a signed & dated statement of release from the person who purchased the dog. This signed document releasing the care of the puppy to the person you designate needs to be in their possession. Link to Delta Cargo Facility, United Petsafe Facility, American Airlines Cargo Facility (where to pick up your puppy)