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History of the Pomsky Breed

When the Husky and Pomeranian dogs came into existence, the history of the Pomsky, which is a crossbreed of those two dogs, began. Most of the time, there will be some features that get lost after only a few generations. The breeders must have noticed this when the original idea came into their mind. Simply speaking, the breeders will get a crossbreed having something similar with their parents in the first generation. But each new generation will have more and more similarities just with one of the original dog breeds.

There are few exceptional breeds who are equally as strong as their husky parents because of the partial preservation of both genes in the new hybrid. If someone is looking forward to owning a dog which is as agile as a husky, yet as elegant as Pomeranian, the Pomsky, which is the result of a suitable marriage between Husky and Pomeranian, is a perfect hybrid puppy. After having owned a Pomsky for years, the owners will find out that there is no priority to be given into Pomsky’s personality to either of the husky or Pomeranian parents. They actually share both species’ aspects. Most of the Pomsky’s feature are the combination’s result, except for the eyes, which possess the husky gene’s effect.

Size of Pomskies

The gene and size of the husky and Pomeranian parents decide the Pomsky’s actual size at their adult age. The weight of a Pomsky almost weighs half the weight of its parents’ total weight when they are grown up. This is kind of common rule fit for the little new breed. A fair expectation is that just simply add the two parents’ weight and make a division into two equal parts. The range of a female Siberian husky’s average size is from 35 to 50 pounds. And the average size of a Pomeranian is 3 to 7 pounds. Make a simple calculation and we can get, with such a highly fair degree of confidence, a ballpark figure of the weight of a Pomsky which would be 19 to 29 pounds at its adult age. Besides, there also will be some outliers and differences along the continuum. Keep in mind that it is founded on a purebred Pomeranian mating with purebred husky.

Temperament of Pomskies

The parents of Pomsky are two kinds of very intelligent dogs who possess lots of desirable qualities and characteristics. We knew that these characteristics and qualities were inherited from the genetics of the Pomsky’s father and mother and that the result must be blended combinations of those characteristics and qualities; especially when speaking about a Pomsky’s temperament and personality development, this fundamental tenet makes a lot of sense.

Health and Care of Pomsky Puppies

Like their husky and Pomeranian parents, Pomskies are also subject to having a shedding period with the degree and length varying for each puppy. Pomskies are medium to low shedders. They only need to be brushed regularly to control their shedding, because their coats are similar with the huskies according to the statement of PCA (The Pomsky Club of America). Pomeranians are potential dental patients easily getting tooth loss and plaque build-up and other dental issues. These little problems sometimes could become big. Thus, regular dental cleaning by a professional dentist is required.

Height: 10-15 inches

Weight: 15-25 pounds

Lifespan: 13-15 years

Coat type: Soft and fluffy; prone to shedding

Possible colors: Variety of colors and patterns including white, black, or even rusty red and white combinations

Exercise: Since they are energetic dogs, they should be given plenty of exercise every day. Owners of Pomkies need to be able to cater to their pet’s exercise needs.

Grooming: Should be brushed regularly, at least once a day.

Training: Highly intelligent and respond well to most training; although can be a bit stubborn.

Sociability: Loving, playful, making excellent watch dogs. They are very loyal to their owners, although sometimes skittish around small children.